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Van Blijderveen Fruit is located in Ingen, traditionally a fruit farming region stretching back many generations. It lies amidst the fertile Betuwe river district, surrounded by expansive orchards, fruit farming and wholesale businesses, and fruit auctions. We belong to the most important fruit producing region in the Netherlands. We have contributed to the region’s extensive experience in the fruit

industry, as our business has been active in this field for over a century. Our great-grandfather started out as a fruit farmer in 1876. We remain a family business, with part of our fruit range still being home-grown. The apples and pears produced on our 65-hectare farm are not nearly enough to satisfy international demand for quality hard fruit. We have therefore developed a network of growers and wholesalers, which enables us to virtually always meet client demand. It goes without saying that as growers, we are experts when it comes to fruit. We select and deliver only that fruit meeting your strict requirements. We operate in France under the name T&B Vergers. This branch repackages bulk hard fruit deliveries into smaller packaging units, especially for the local market. Demand for quality is an internationally shared concern.

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