Van Blijderveen Fruit supplies mainly hard fruit; apples, dessert and cooking pears.


Traditional varieties, as well as new varieties. Fruit of the very highest quality as well as lower grades, but always precisely to your specifications. In the summer season, we also supply soft fruit (mainly strawberries). To respond to our clients’ needs, we are happy to provide transport options for you as well.
After picking, soft fruit is sorted, packed and transported. That means that – as with hard fruit – you get products of the highest quality and freshness, which your clients will certainly appreciate.


A blush-coloured eating apple that everyone enjoys. This crisp apple has a neutral, full-bodied flavour. The Jonagold DC is available all year round.


The Elstar is a delicious sweet apple. Suitable for eating, as well as use in homemade recipes such as apple pie and apple sauce.


A winter apple that keeps a long time in the fruit bowl. The Malus Domesticus Braeburn is a firm, sweet eating apple.

Golden Delicious

This popular yellowish-green apple becomes more yellow as it ripens, and develops a rosy blush. The flesh is sweet and juicy.


The Pyrus Communis Conference pear is always in high demand. This Dutch pear variety is making its name among retailers and consumers in many other areas of Europe. This pear becomes softer, sweeter and juicier as it ripens.